Grounding Mat | Earthing Grounding Mat for Desk and Foot


Size 23.6×13 Inch

Earthing Mat Universal Grounding Mat – Keep Healthy

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PANBMAO Brand Grounding Mat (Earthing Mat) with Grounding Cord, 23.6×13 Inch Grounding Pad Kit, Earth Therapy for Foot Mat, Sleep Mat

The grounding pad is a simple and effective grounding method. Using it is like walking barefoot on the grass, continuously transporting the earth’s energy to the body. You can use it as a foot mat, sleeping mat or desk mat, just touch your skin directly to the grounding mat to achieve grounding.

There are many benefits of grounding, including eliminating static electricity, improving sleep, reducing stress, protecting the body from the effects of EMF and quick recovery.

The grounding pad is very simple to use, just connect the grounding wire to the grounding pad and insert the grounding wire into the grounding jack on the wall.

The following is the grounding test method, it is not necessary, you can try it if you are interested.

Step1: Prepare grounding mat, connection cord, and multimeter (it is not included in this grounding products set).

Step2: Adjust the multimeter range over to 200 kiloohms (this step is very important, if the range selection is wrong, the multimeter reading will be 0).

Step3: Measure both ends of the connection cord with the multimeter. If the resistance is 100 kiloohms, it means that the conductivity is normal.

Step4. Snap the connection cord onto the metal stud on the mat.Then connecting one end of the multimeter to the connection cord plug, and the other end to the smooth side of the grounding mat(the other side is not conductive.). If the multimeter shows a valid reading, it indicates that the conductivity of the entire grounding mat is normal.

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