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What is Grounding?

Grounding, also called earthing, means that the skin is directly connected to the surface of the Earth, such as walking barefoot on the earth. We can find in various literature and practices subjective reports that walking barefoot on the earth can improve health and happiness.

With the development of human civilization, humans have lived in reinforced concrete buildings and wear rubber-soled shoes, which makes it more and more difficult to get grounding. Humans urgently need a simple way to achieve grounding to improve health. 

The Benefits of Grounding?

Multidisciplinary research has shown that conductive connection between the human body and the Earth (grounding or earthing) has a positive effect on physiology and health. The benefits of grounding are as follows:

Improve sleep and promote a deeper sleep, normalize the circadian cortisol rhythm, reduce stress, reduce or eliminate chronic pain, speed up wound healing, fast recovery from fatigue, reduce blood viscosity.

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How Can You Get Grounded?

There are many grounding methods, such as walking barefoot on the earth. But people usually don’t want to walk outside barefoot unless they walk on the beach.

In addition to walking barefoot, we can also easily realize grounding through earthing grounding products (such as earthing mat, earthing sheets, etc.). For example, when we lie on a earthing sheet, it is actually the same as when we lie on the grass, connecting the human body to the earth.

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Get Grounded - Improve Sleep


In ancient times, people walked barefoot and slept naked on the ground. With the development of civilization, people slowly live in reinforced concrete buildings and walk in rubber-soled shoes, almost isolated from the earth. With the increase of work and life pressure, people find that the quality of sleep and physical function are getting worse and worse. Frequent symptoms such as insomnia, body aches and fatigue. But when people get close to nature again and connect with the earth again, magical things will happen, and some symptoms will be relieved or even disappear. This is the power of grounding. Grounding can improve physical health because the surface of the earth is full of negative charges. The negatively charged free electrons have the effect of preventing oxidation. After free electrons enter the human body, they will combine with harmful free radicals to eliminate harmful free radicals, thereby maintaining human health. We always strive to achieve grounding in a simple and effective way. This function can be realized very simply by using our grounding sheet or grounding mat.

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"My family seems to sleep better, and I even have more energy! I am thinking of getting more for my kids too. Results will vary, but for our family, this works pretty darn well!"
"Grounding the sheets makes it easier for me to fall asleep and feel relaxed."
Jessica Foxx
"The grounding fitted sheet is very suitable in size and can effectively relieve fatigue."
Lily Granger​

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