What is earthing?

Grounding and grounding products connect your body to the subtle energies of the earth.

“Grounding,” also known as “earthing,” is a landmark discovery in the Earth’s subtle surface energy field that maintains the electrical stability of our bodies, thus becoming the foundation of vitality and health. Reconnecting with the energy of the earth beneath your feet provides a way to restore your health in a time when the stress of modern life has led to rampant chronic disease. The profound effects of grounding provide amazing healing, calming and balancing effects to our physical, mental and emotional bodies.


Throughout history, humans have walked on the ground barefoot, which naturally discharges and prevents the accumulation of electrical stress. When in contact with the earth, this tranquil energy is naturally transferred to any conductive object – be it a metal rod, wire, tree or plant, animal or barefooted person – and then they are “grounded”.

PANBMAO grounding products (grounding sheet and grounding mat etc.) available at panbmao.com allow you to conveniently ground indoors. They are “barefoot substitutes”. It’s not always convenient to be grounded outdoors at certain times of the year or for extended periods of time. Grounding helps a lot with all kinds of ailments, injuries, and stress.

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