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Earthing Grounding Sheets

In ancient times,people walked barefoot and slept naked on the ground, connected with the earth.With the development of modern civilization, people are slowly living in reinforced concrete buildings, walking with rubber soled shoes, almost isolated from the earth. For a long time, with the increase of work and life pressure,people found that the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse, the physical function is getting worse and worse, insomnia, physical pain, fatigue and other symptoms often occur. But when people get close to nature and connect with the earth again, magical things happen, and some symptoms will be relieved or even disappear. This is the power of grounding.

The earth’s surface is filled with a large number of negative charges. The free electrons with negative charges have the function of preventing oxidation. When free electrons enter the human body, they will combine with harmful free radicals, eliminate harmful free radicals and maintain human health. So, how to make free electrons enter the human body? Grounding, using our grounding bed sheet can be very simple to achieve this function.

The grounding fitted sheet is a simple and effective grounding method. Using it is like walking barefoot on the grass, continuously transporting the earth’s energy to the body.

There are many benefits of grounding, including eliminating static electricity, improving sleep, reducing stress, protecting the body from the effects of EMF and quick recovery.

Set Included:

  1. Grounding Fitted Sheet*1
  2. Grounding Cord * 1 (15 feet)
  3. Grounding Outlet Checker
  4. One Manual


The grounding sheet is made of baby-grade pure natural cotton and pure silver fiber, without adding any softener, anti-dehydration agent and other chemicals. High-quality cotton has good air permeability, pure silver fiber guarantees good conductivity, and silver also has Antibacterial effect, the bed sheet is very comfortable to use and very friendly to the skin.


How to Use?

The grounding fitted sheet is very simple to use, you can spread it on the mattress like a normal bed fitted sheet, then snap the grounding connection cord onto the metal stud on the side of the grounding fitted sheet black conductive leather, and plug the other end of the ground wire into the grounding jack of the wall outlet.


Washing Notes:

The grounding fitted sheet can be machine washed, and liquid detergent can be used, but please do not use bleach/fabric softeners/whitening detergents or oxi-detergents. It can be line dried or dried in a dryer on low, but not at high temperature.


Test Method (Optional):

The following is the grounding test method, it is not necessary, you can try it if you are interested.

Step1: Prepare grounding fitted sheet, connection cord, and multimeter (it is not included in this grounding products set).

Step2: Adjust the multimeter range over to 200 kiloohms (this step is very important, if the range selection is wrong, the multimeter reading will be 0).

Step3: Measure both ends of the connection cord with the multimeter. If the resistance is 100 kiloohms, it means that the conductivity is normal.

Step4: Snap the connection cord onto the metal stud on the grounding fitted sheet. Then connecting one end of the multimeter to the connection cord plug, and the other end to the silver fiber on grounding fitted sheet. If the multimeter shows a valid reading, it indicates that the conductivity of the entire grounding sheet is normal.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm
Plug Standard


Size Name

Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King, Single, Double, Super King


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